About Us

Indie Film Cafe

Jonathan A. Moody and Paul A Presenza are the creators of Indie Film Cafe. They started when they use to watch a double feature horror flick at Jonathan’s house once a month or so. They decided to review the film, “Weresquito” on You Tube. After that the idea of Indie Film Cafe started and by the end of the year they had recorded their first podcast. A week later Paul asked Just Jenn to join and for the first season of the show those 3 were the co hosts and the Stinkometer was born. They had to figure a way to rate the stinky movies. And by the end of the first season they were able to figure out which ones were the stinkiest. 

During Season 2 Just Jenn had to leave the show to concentrate on other things. However that didn’t stop Jonathan and Paul from finding other guests who could help give their third score. Paul wrangled up Lenore who became their resident science advisor on some of the science fiction flicks. By the end of the second season though Jonathan had a big announcement… he was leaving VA and moving to California to pursue his film career. Of course that wouldn’t stop Indie Film Cafe. They had plans to bring it to L.A. 

Now it’s in its third season.  Jonathan is in L.A. and Paul is still in VA. Both are continuing to bring the spirit of Indie Film Cafe alive. Though the Coronavirus has begun to spread they are still busy making sure we are updated with content.