Forgotten Horror Classics

Season 1-

Paul created this show to give Indie Film Cafe more content that wasn't just the same old schtick. 

He's mainly done the show with Lenore who has helped him bring back old classic horror movies. 

If you're interested in those kind of movies they air the 3rd Monday of every month. 

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Here is the first episode of Forgotten Horror Classics

Season 1 Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode 1- Horror Hotel 

Episode 2- Spider Baby

Episode 3- The Woman in Black 

Episode 4- The Other

Episode 5- The Legend of Boggy Creek 

Episode 6- The Witch's Mirror 

Episode 7- Dead And Buried 

Episode 8- The Haunting 

More coming soon...


Co Hosts and Guests


Gary "Gaz" Morgan

Gary "Gaz" Morgan


Lenore has been the main co host for Forgotten Horror Classics. 

Gary "Gaz" Morgan

Gary "Gaz" Morgan

Gary "Gaz" Morgan


Gary Morgan has been a guest on 1 episode but will be back for more