Frights of the Roundtable

Season 1-4

Frights of the Roundtable was a spin off show from The Independent Corner Radio Show. 

Originally Jonathan wanted to get filmmakers/actors in the horror industry to have a roundtable discussion. 

Through out the years its changed at different times depending on how many people can come on. 

It later got turned in to 2.0 when Jonathan needed to change to a different Blog Talk page. 

The first 2.0 season was co hosted by actress Meghan Deanna Smith. Who after the first season of it had to leave to concentrate fully on her acting career. 

The next and last co host of the show has been Ana Xaden who still co hosts with Jonathan. 

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Listen to Frights of the Roundtable From the beginning. 

Season 1 Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode 1- James Balsamo/Joseph William Greene

Episode 2- Brad Sykes/Mindy Robinson 

Episode 3- Lewis Leslie/Ray Wade 

Episode 4- Chris R Notarile/Chuck Norfolk 

Episode 5- Anthony Colliano/Dustin Hubbard 

Episode 6- Michael Hoffman/Cameron Scott/Scott Tepperman 

Episode 7- Ron Bonk/Brad Leo Lyon 

Episode 8- Jared Cohn/ Joe Grisaffi 

Episode 9- John Johnson/Chris Olen Ray 

Episode 10- Anthony Brownrigg/Adam Steigert 

Episode 11- Jacob Ennis/Dustin Hubbard 

Episode 12- Billy Pon/Chuck Norfolk

Episode 13- Zack Ward/James Cullen Bressack 

Episode 14- C Courtney Joyner/Victor Bonacore 

Episode 15- Leigh Scott/Mitchel A Jones 

Episode 16- Sebastian Godin/Dustin Hubbard

Episode 17- Chris R. Notarile 

Episode 18- Gianna Love 

Episode 19- The BC Butcher Episode 

Episode 20- Jessica Morris/Robin Sydney 

Episode 21- Brialynn Massie/Sarah Martin 

Episode 22- Jennii Caroline 


Season 1 Episode Guide (Continued)

Season 1

Episode 23- Lara Jean Mummert/Hunter Johnson

Episode 24- Tony Brown/Jade LaFont 

Episode 25- Nicole Cinaglia

Episode 26- Berna Roberts/Nick Hunt/Lara Jean Mummert 

Episode 27- Todd Nunes/Ashley Mary Nunes 

Episode 28- Victoria DeMare/James L Edwards/Blake Fitzpatrick 

Episode 29- Alix Lakehurst 

Episode 30- Chad Knauer/Richard "Rico" Buathier 

Episode 31- Meghan Deanna Smith 

Episode 32- Jack "Saint" Hunter 

Episode 33- Jonathan A Moody (Interviewed by Lara Jean) 

Episode 34- Rachel A Bryant 

Episode 35- Samantha Katelyn/Jenny Janettty 

Episode 36- Jimmy Dempster/Jeffrey S Farley 

Episode 37- C Courtney Joyner/Jeff Burr 

Episode 38- Jackson Barr/Craig Hamann 

Episode 39- Sonny Carl Davis 

Episode 40- Tristan Clay/Doug Snauffer 

Episode 41- Ted Nicolau/Dustin Hubbard 


Frights of the Roundtable 2.0 Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode 1: Talking Indie Filmmaking with J Horton

Episode 2: Scott Tepperman 

Episode 3: The October Call in Show 

Episode 4: Jason Harlow/Jake Zelch 

Episode 5: James L. Edwards 

Episode 6: Aaron Mento/Lara Jean 

Episode 7: SpookyDan Walker 

Episode 8: Justin Price 

Episode 9: Chris R Notarile 

Episode 10: Jack Hunter 


Frights of the Roundtable 2.0 Episode Guide (Continued)

Season 2

Episode 1: Donald Farmer/James Balsamo 

Episode 2: DemonHuntr The Series 

Episode 3: Carcass Studios 

Episode 4: Jennii Caroline/Cayt Fenix


Frights of the Roundtable 2.0 Episode Guide (Continued)

Season 3

Episode 1: Samantha Marie 

Episode 2: Meghan Deanna Smiith

Episode 3: Joe Castro 


Co Hosts

Jonathan A. Moody

Meghan Deanna Smith

Meghan Deanna Smith


The creator of Frights of the Roundtable. Jonathan has hosted the show the most out of everyone. 

Meghan Deanna Smith

Meghan Deanna Smith

Meghan Deanna Smith


Meghan came on as a Co Host on the first season of 2.0. In fact she was the one who coined it 2.0. She came back in season 3 as a guest and will be back in the future. 

Ana Xaden

Meghan Deanna Smith

Ana Xaden


After Meghan left the show Ana joined as the new co host. She loves indie filmmaking and acting. She has continued on the show since and will continue for the next few seasons.