Indie Corner TV

Season 1-2

Indie Corner TV started as a fun way to interview people at comic and horror conventions. Anyone from filmmakers to actors to even cosplayers got interviewed. 

Originally on its own channel now Indie Corner TV is coming to Indie Film Cafe. 

Season 3 is coming but may be a little longer than planned due to the Coronavirus

Expect the new season in fall 2020 or winter 2021. 

Season 1 Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode 1: Sam Jones 

Episode 2: Karan Ashley 

Episode 3: Brian O'Halloran 

Episode 4: Marilyn Ghigliotti 

Episode 5: Jake the snake roberts

Episode 6: Bob Camp 

Episode 7: Stro Maestro 

Episode 8: Sam Ellis 

Episode 9: Jason Crawley

Episode 10: The Grim life of Hack and Slash 

Episode 11: Brittney Scalf 

Episode 12:  Joe Rubinstein

Episode 13: What'a s podcast 

Episode 14: Nightmare Batman 

Episode 15: Cosplay Cosplay Cosplay 

Season 1 Episode Guide (Continued)

Season 1

Episode 16: The Southern Belle Ghostbusters 

Episode 17: The Hampton Roads Superhero Squad 

Episode 18: Manpoints Podcast 

Episode 19: The Phalanx Consortium 

Episode 20: Mars Con 

Episode 21: Video Game Heaven 

Episode 22: The Virginia Beach Volunteer Rescue Squad 

Episode 23: Michael Berryman 

Episode 24: Rochelle Davis 

Episode 25: Andre Bland 

Episode 26: Chris O'Brocki 

Episode 27: Apryl Crowell 

Season 2 Episode Guide

Season 2

Episode 1: Stro Maestro Returns 

Episode 2: Bob Frantz and Kevin Cuffe 

Episode 3: Hacksaw Jim Duggan 

Episode 4: The Boogeyman 

Episode 5: Brockton McKinney 

Episode 6: Dana Snyder 

Episode 7: The Black Canary 

Episode 8: Batman + Deadpool 

Episode 9: The Not So Real Ghostbusters 

Episode 10: The Batmobile 

Season 3 Episode Guide

Season 3

Episode 1: Stephanie Cahill 

Episode 2: Larry Kenney 

Indie Corner TV

Episode 1: Sam Jones