Indie Film Cafe Podcast

Seasons 1-3

Indie Film Cafe started in 2017. 

Jonathan Moody and co host Paul A Presenza came up with a fun idea for a podcast. 

A podcast all about Indie films and B movies we loved. 

Or in Paul's case loved to torture everyone with. 

And the Stinkometer was born. The way in which we rate stinky movies From 1 to 10. 

1 being a pretty good movie. To 10 being a big pile of crap. 

By the second episode Paul somehow roped Just Jenn in to coming on as our third host. 

She lasted as a co host for the first full season. 22 episodes and a wrap up. Not bad. 

In Season 2 we found more hapless souls that Paul (and to a lesser extent0 Jonathan could torture

In Season 3 Jonathan moved to LA and the Coronavirus took over. 

The show continues to go on! 

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Season 1 Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode 1:  Prehistoric Bimbos in Armageddon City         

Episode 2:  Suburban Sasquatch                                       

Episode 3:  Ski Wolf                                                          

Episode 4:  Bigfoot Wars                                                    

Episode 5: For Y'ur height only                                          

Episode 6: Hey, Stop Stabbing Me!                                   

Episode 7: Rollergator                                                       

Episode 8: Airborne                                                          

Episode 9: Bite Me!                                                          

Episode 10: Shrunken Heads                                          

Episode 11: Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter                        

Episode 12:Tromeo and Juliet 


Season 1 Episode Guide (Continued)

Season 1

Episode 13: Barn of the Blood Llama 

Episode 14: Night of the ghouls 

Episode 15: The Double D Avenger

Episode 16: Birdemic: Shock and Terror 

Episode 17: Fateful Findings 

Episode 18: Ankle Biters

Episode 19: Rat Phink A boo boo 

Episode 20: Santa's Slay

Episode 21: Thankskilling 

Episode 22: The Season 1 Wrap up 


Season 2 Episode Guide

Season 2

Episode 1: Actium Maximus: War of the Dinosaur Planet      

Episode 2: The Karaoke Kid                                                  

Episode 3: Hard Rock Zombies                                              

Episode 4: Gingerdead Man                                                  

Episode 5: Fungicide                                                             

Episode 6: Gamebox 1.0                                                       

Episode 7: Killer Tongue                                                        

Episode 8: Snow Shark                                                         

Episode 9: Blood Predator                                                    

Episode 10: No Retreat, No Surrender                                 

Episode 11: Giant Claw                                                       



Season 2 Episode Guide (Continued)

Season 2

Episode 12: Polymorph 

Episode 13: The Forbidden Zone

Episode 14: Vampire Cop 

Episode 15: The Sinister Urge 

Episode 16: Curese of Bigfoot 

Episode 17: Now You Know 

Episode 18: Vampire's Kiss 

Episode 19: Raiders of the lost Shark

Episode 20: Blood Freak 

Episode 21: Jack Frost 

Episode 22: Twisted Pair 

Episode 23: The Season 2 Finale 


Season 3 Episode Guide

Season 3

Episode 1: Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers

Episode 2: Baby Ghost 

Episode 3: Zombie Cop 

Episode 4: Robot VS The Aztec Mummy 

Episode 5: John Johnson's Shadowhunters

Episode 6: Crater Lake Monster 

Episode 7: Sharkenstein 

Episode 8: Creeping Terror 

More coming soon...


Co Hosts/Special Guests

Just Jenn

Lenore Miller

Lenore Miller


Just Jenn started as our co host for season 1. 

Season 2 she became a returning guest. 

We hope to have her back for an episode in Season 3 and more. 

Lenore Miller

Lenore Miller

Lenore Miller


Lenore Miller became our second co host after Just Jenn left. 

Since then she's still been around. 

We are excited to still have her on board

Joe Turek

Lenore Miller

Joe Turek


Joe Turek came in on Season 2 as a special guest. 

He has continued on in season 3. 

We look forward to keep having him. 


Johnny Johnson

Joe Turek


James came in for 2 episodes in season 2 

We hope he comes back for an episode or 2 in the future. 

Johnny Johnson

Johnny Johnson

Johnny Johnson


Just like James, Johnny Johnson came in for 2 episodes in season 2. We want to have him back for future episodes. 

Leila Toba

Johnny Johnson

Johnny Johnson


Leila Toba came in for 2 episodes so far of season 3... She will be back for future episodes. 

Co Hosts/Guests (Continued)


G Larry Butler

G Larry Butler


Bobby came in for 2 episodes of Season 3 and we look forward to having him in more episodes .

G Larry Butler

G Larry Butler

G Larry Butler


G Larry Butler has been in 2 episodes of Season 3 and we look forward to having him back on for future episodes. 

Bonnie Butler

Bonnie Butler

Bonnie Butler


Bonnie Butler has been in 1 episode of Season 3. We look forward to having her back for more episodes. 

Jackey Hall

Bonnie Butler

Bonnie Butler


Jackey Hall has been in 1 episode of Season 3 and we look forward to having her come back for future episodes.